130.2 Charles Barkley

Full Name: Charles Wade Barkley

Charles Barkley

Date: 3/2009

Charged with: ,

Barkley posed for this mug shot after he surrendered to authorities to serve a three-day jail sentence after pleading guilty to two misdemeanors DUI charges and one charge for running a red light, which stemmed from a December 2008 arrest. Barkley originally sentenced to ten days in jail, which was reduced to three days after Barkley agreed to enter into an alcohol treatment program. Barkley’s BAC level, as determined by a blood alcohol test because Barkley refused the breathalyzer, was .149, double the legal limit. When pulled over, Barkley told police that he blew through the stop sign because he was anxious to get home so that he could receive oral sex from his female passenger.

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