69 Eminem

Full Name: Marshall Bruce Mathers III


Date: June 3, 2000

Charged with: ,

Rapper Eminem was arrested on gun charges when he pulled a weapon out in a car audio store in June 2000.  Eminem kept the gun pointed at the ground but he used it to bolster his presence and position during the argument he had gotten into with Douglas Dail, who is a member of the Insane Clown Posse. The following day, Eminem said that he saw his then wife, Kim, kiss a bouncer at the Hot Rock Cafe. In retaliation, Eminem attacked and assaulted the man and was subsequently arrested again. Unfortunately for Eminem, he also had a concealed weapon on his person when he was arrested after the fight. Eminem was charged with possession of a concealed weapon for the first incident and assault and possession of a concealed weapon for the second incident. He ended up being sentenced to two years probation for both incidents combined.

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