119 Larry King

Full Name: Lawrence Harvey Zeiger

Larry King

Date: 12/20/1971

Charged with: ,

Emmy-winning television host Larry King was arrested back in 1971 at the age of 38 for grand larceny. King tried to set up a deal with Louis Wolfson where Larry promised a to set up an investigation with the Attorney General to get Wolfson’s 1968 conviction for passing a bad check overturns in exchange for $48,000. King wasn’t able to set up the investigation and couldn’t pay the money back to Wolfson. Wolfson told the police and King brought 14 charges for larceny and passing a bad check. Larry pleaded no contest to the passing a bad check charges; however the larceny charge was dropped because the statute of limitations ran. Also, as a result of the arrest, King lost his job as a Miami Dolphins commentator and his radio gig.

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