56 Rush Limbaugh

Full Name: Rush Hudson Limbaugh III

Rush Limbaugh

Date: 4/28/2006

Charged with:

Rush Limbaugh was arrested for prescription fraud in Palm Beach County, Florida. Limbaugh ended up turning himself in after the warrant was issued. The prosecutor's office had a long-running investigation into Limbaugh's actions. The prosecutor's investigation revealed that Limbaugh would bounce from doctor to doctor in order to get OxyContin. In total, he received about 2,000 painkillers from four different doctors, in a six month period. Limbaugh was released from jail after forking over $3,000 in bail. The famous political pundit ultimately found himself paying $30,000 in fines and court fees in order to drop the felony case. He was also ordered to undergo 18 months of addiction and counseling.

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