97 Puff Daddy

Full Name: Sean John Combs

Puff Daddy

Date: 12/27/1999

Charged with:

Sean Combs was arrested in NYC for possession of a firearm he was caught fleeing the scene of a shooting at a Manhattan nightclub. Combs and his then girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, were at Club NY when three people were shot. The couple and Combs’ bodyguard jumped into their Lincoln Navigator and fled from the scene. The cops caught up with the SUV and arrested Combs, Lopez, the bodyguard, Anthony Jones, and the driver, Wardel Fenderson. The cops also found a gun under the front of seat of Combs’ Lincoln Navigator, which was allegedly reported stolen from Georgia. Contrary to early reports, Jamal Barrows who was known as Shine, was the shooter who ended up injuring 3 people at the nightclub. Combs was found not guilty by a jury in March 2001.

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