100.5 Suge Knight

Full Name: Marion Knight, Jr.

Suge Knight

Date: 8/27/2008

Charged with: , , ,

Suge Knight was arrested in Las Vegas for assaulting his girlfriend, Melissa Isaac, after the two got into an altercation while Suge was driving. The two had just left a Las Vegas strip club when the incident occurred. Suge apparently punched his girlfriend and she grabbed the wheel, which made Suge stop the car. The police report states that when they arrived at the scene Suge was standing over his girlfriend with a knife. Cops later found Ecstacy and Hydrocodone on Suge’s possession. He was ultimately charged with assault with a deadly weapon, battery, domestic violence, and drug possession. Suge was released on $19,000 bail and was later cleared of all charged in December 2008 due to discovery and witness problems, after Suge’s girlfriend disappeared and couldn’t be used to testify against Suge.

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