42 Vince Vaughn

Full Name: Vincent Anthony Vaughn

Vince Vaughn

Date: 4/2001

Charged with:

31 year-old Vince Vaughn was arrested in Wilmington, North Carolina after getting involved in a bar brawl. His friend Steve Buscemi was also involved in the fight and ended up getting stabbed several times, which resulted in a permanent scar on his cheek. Vaughn and Buscemi were in town filming the movie "Domestic Disturbance" when they got into the brawl outside of the Firebelly Lounge. Screenwriter, Scott Rosenberg, was also arrested for the fight. Witnesses told police that a local, Timothy Fogerty (21 yrs old) instigated the fight against Vaughn and Buscemi. Fogerty was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and had to post a $50,000 bond. Vaughn was charged with fighting in public to which he pleaded no contest. The charges were ultimately dropped after Vaughn paid a $250 fine and enrolled in alcohol counseling. 

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